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Your global leader in
buying and selling automotive core parts

We've been one of the largest automotive core suppliers in the country for over 30 years.

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Your global leader in buying and selling automotive core parts

MAXCORE Industries is a full line core supplier partnering with salvage yards and other core suppliers across the globe to supply the remanufacturers with rebuildable automotive parts. MAXCORE Industries handles over 50 product lines from AC compressors to wiper motors, engines and transmissions, complex electronics, hybrid/electric batteries, catalytic converters and component parts. We've built an extensive catalogue that feeds our VIN based program, MAXCORE, that broadcasts the remanufacturers' needs to thousands of automotive recyclers.

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The Automotive Recycler

Get top dollar for your cores using our online VIN based core valuation program, MAXCORE. As a global full line core supplier we can be your solution for all your automotive cores. Through our MAXCORE program and other industry partners we make it extremely easy to maximize the value of your cores and the revenue of your vehicles.


The Core Supplier

As one of the largest core suppliers in the nation with a comprehensive catalogue and a team of part experts with over 30 years of experience, MAXCORE Industries is your solution to get premium prices on your cores. We also offer dock buying for core suppliers of automotive parts and many more.


The Remanufacturer and Supplier

MAXCORE Industries has an online core program that attaches your needs and broadcast them to thousands of recyclers. Our core program and relationships across the globe, along with over a million inventoried parts throughout 500,000+ sqft warehouse space has made us the largest core supplier and your solution of rebuildable automotive parts.

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Cores | Catalytic Converters

The best solution for Cats and Cores. Helping recyclers generate the most revenue per vehicle!

Partnering with Full Service and Self-Service Yards

+ True Vin-Based Core Valuation at dismantle
+ Catalytic Converter app
+ Monthly hotlist
+ Inventory Quotes

One Stop One Solution

Only core supplier that buys everything:
+ small parts
+ drivetrain
+ Catalytic Converters

Trusted Catalytic Converter Partner

+ Buying on site, shipped-in, or Assay
+ Code Based Converter Evaluations App

Catalytic Converter Buyer
Catalytic converter processor
Assaying Catalytic converters
Assay Catalytic converters

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We've been one of the largest automotive core suppliers in the country for over 30 years.

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We're bringing in more parts through more recyclers than ever before.


Over 150,000 SKU's & 1,000,000 parts in inventory

Product Lines

Experts in over 50+ product lines

Import & Export

Worldwide Import & Export Specialists

MaxCore Industries Auto Part Supplier


We pride ourselves on fast, accurate quotes and orders by our customer’s specs and part numbers


Able to process small and large orders from UPS deliveries to full truck loads

Cost Effective

Internal shipping department with a fleet of trucks to ensure timely and cost effective deliveries


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